Claire Veneables

Claire Venables spent a decade teaching in Europe where she obtained her Trinity DipTESOL at Oxford TEFL.  She has a wide range of experience as a teacher, teacher-trainer and Director of Studies. However, her true passion is teaching English to very young learners.  Since moving to Brazil in 2011, she has been involved in the creation and implementation of language programmes in schools, teaching training courses, and an active member of the National English Teachers’ Association (BRAZTESOL), and on the board member of two special interest groups (VOICES for Women and Young Learners and Teens).  She is the Director of Active English, our partner school in Brazil.

Julio Vieitas

Julio Vieitas has been a TEFL professional for almost 20 years.  He took the Cambridge Delta course at IH London in 2012 and has been a teacher trainer and course designer since then. He’s currently doing his MA in TEFL at Birmingham University. He also holds project management certificates and runs a consulting firm focused on education management and teacher training in São Paulo, Brazil. He’s deeply interested in the interplay between educational management, business English and methods/approaches.

Sergio Pantoja

Sergio Pantoja has been in the ELT field since 2002, having worked for several language schools in Brazil as an English teacher, and teacher trainer since 2011. He has mostly worked with young adults and adults in the areas of general English and preparation for exams such as FCE, CAE, CPE, and IELTS. He holds, among others, the CPE, a degree in Languages, a TESOL Certificate from the University of Oregon, and the DELTA. He is really passionate about CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and LDT (Language Development for Teachers).  

Nicola Meldrum

Nicola Meldrum started her teaching career in Barcelona, Spain in 1999 taking her Cert TESOL at OxfordTEFL. She then went on to do the Dip TESOL course with OxfordTEFL. She is still based there and is now a freelance teacher educator, materials writer and teacher. Nicola’s current roles at OxfordTEFL include Course Director of Oxford TEFL’s Dip TESOL course and designing and delivering our online development courses for teachers. As well as helping to organize local teacher development events, Nicola also speaks at international conferences. Her specific area of interest is teacher development. She has also written a wide range of articles and teaching materials.