Active English is proud to be partnering with Oxford TEFL to provide the best possible courses for teachers that are developed with the teacher and student needs in mind.

Oxford TEFL is a top teacher training center based in Europe and together with Active English, are now offering teacher development courses tailored to the Brazilian market. These courses are in response to the huge demand for quality teacher training in Brazil and the strong desire for many and help their students reach their learning goals. The content has been inspired by a network of teachers and teacher trainers who are experts in these areas of specialization.
Claire Venables, the director of Active English and one of the tutors on our teacher development courses, is a familiar face in the community of English teachers in Brazil. She is an active member of the National English Teachers’ Association (BRAZTESOL), and on the board member of two special interest groups (VOICES for Women and Young Learners and Teens). In addition to Claire, we are ecstatic to be able to introduce a dream team of expert tutors who will accompany Claire as the tutors of these teacher development courses: Julio Vieitas and Sergio Pantoja.

Which courses can you take with these expert tutors?

Teaching Young Learners with Claire Venables
Learn how to teach young learners more effectively, find new ways of engaging your young learners and share practical tips for making your classes motivating and challenging.

Teaching IELTS with Sergio Pantoja
Understand how to approach teaching IELTS exam courses and help train your learners in key strategies to help ensure exam success.

Teaching Pronunciation with Nicola Meldrum
Gain a thorough background knowledge on all areas of phonology it will help you integrate pronunciation into your lessons in a more natural, effective way.

Teaching Business English with Julio Vieitas
Widen your skills set in teaching Business English, develop ideas and create relevant and engaging materials to use in Business English classes.

How can these courses fit into my busy schedule?
One of the great things about these courses is that they will fit easily into any schedule. The course lasts 12 weeks and is divided up into 3 modules, each with 3 units and 1 assignment. Each unit contains takes around 2,5 hours a week. These hours of work can be done from home, at work, on the go, at the weekend – basically anywhere and at anytime that suits you! You will be interacting with your colleagues and your tutor in forums and a Skype chat at the end of each module to reflect.  In this session you will get and give feedback on the course as well as reflect on your progress and discuss the tasks you have completed.

In which ways are these courses designed for teachers working in Brazil?

Flexible: Through research and feedback from teachers in Brazil, we have developed these courses to enable teachers to access the course at the most convenient time, which means you can still work full time and study at the same time.

Affordable: There is also a payment plan to suit teachers in Brazil so that payments can be made in installment (6 payments in total for 3 modules) This payment plan is the most convenient for those living and working in Brazil.

Experienced: Our trainers are all working teachers, are active on the ELT scene and are experienced in delivering training to both Brazilian and international teachers through the years of experience working with teachers around the world. They have a strong understanding of the ELT industry in Brazil and can also advise you about opportunities and trends in their area of specialization around the world.

Accessible: We would like to make our courses accessible to teachers living in even remote areas who are perhaps unable to travel to attend a teacher training course. These dynamic and participative online courses enable these teachers to improve their skills and join a community of international trainers who are eager to pass on their knowledge to all teachers, regardless of location.

Employability: Oxford TEFL collaborates in the design, development and certification of these courses. Upon graduation of these courses, participants will receive an Oxford TEFL certificate which can be presented to a potential employer who will see that the teacher has received training from an international teacher training centre. This in turn will help improve teacher’s ability to find more or better employment.

Community: When you sign up to a course with Active English, you are also joining a community of like-minded and passionate teachers who are dedicated to their professional development. The support and learning within this community continues long after the course is over.

Special Offer:
We are launching these courses on the 5th of October which is World Teachers’ Day!
To celebrate this, we are offering one free place to any two people signing up by September 30th. This means that if two teachers sign up to the same course on the same dates, a teacher friend of yours will receive one free course. Places are limited.

How can I enroll?
If you would like to transform your teaching and improve your employability, enroll via the Active English website here. These courses are open to teachers of any nationality and location, though they are tailored towards Brazilian teachers.

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