In this post I’m sharing some details about a Christmas event that I’ve run for Young Learners.  This was a paid event that I organised at a local play center but you can easily adapt it to be used in the language school, preschool or primary school where you work.  Subscribe below and you can download the full project outline.

Learning about and experiencing foreign and local traditions in childhood helps children develop a greater understanding of the world around them and accept and appreciate differences between cultures and peoples.  In addition, Christmas is a time that as people typically give and receive gifts. This provides us with the opportunity to work with the concept of generosity towards others.  It is also the perfect context for learning vocabulary and structures related to the symbols of Christmas that the students may come across in their daily lives outside the classroom (depending on the country you teach in).

This project presents a description of a 3 hour event in which children take part in a number of activities related to the Christmas theme in order to acquire English.  This is highly engaging and hands-on learning experience which is easy to adapt to different ages, proficiency levels and can even be spread out over a series of lessons.

Age: 3-7 years old
Number of participants: up to 36
Duration: 3 hours

– Create a positive attitude towards and interest in learning English;
– Recognize and produce the words and structures that are presented
– Learn the lyrics of typical Christmas songs.

This project provides a variety of different learning opportunities:
– Cookie decorating;
– Christmas songs in English;
– Art and craft;
– Physical movement games;
– Sensory games;
– Donation of toys.
I found lots of ideas on Pinterest (of course!!).  Here’s the link to my Celebrating Christmas Board.

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