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Claire Venables is originally from Australia but has been working abroad in the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) sector for more than seventeen years.  She obtained her Trinity Diploma in TESOL in 2006 at OxfordTEFL and went on to be the Director of Studies before moving to Brazil in 2011.

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Course Overview

The course is designed to take about 30 hours and is done over 3 months. You will complete three modules covering a range of topics. You will read articles, blogs and watch videos and then discuss the content with your tutor via forum discussions and live tutorials. For each module you have to complete an assignment. You can choose from a range of activities to suit your situation and experience.

This can be paid in cash, check, bank transfer or by credit card in up to 6 installments of R$187,50.  (R$1125 for the 30 hours).

Course Outcome

By the end of the course, the participants will feel confident that they are able to plan lessons which are both engaging and appropriate for their young learners. Planning these lessons will be faster than before because they will know the how and why behind the decisions they need to make. They will feel happy with the delivery of the lesson, having developed an understanding of the essential teaching skills such as story-telling and classroom management strategies. They will also have professional goals which will allow them to keep motivated, continue developing and improve financially.

Course Content

The units are on topics which will help you:

  • Plan fun and engaging lessons;
  • Build good relationships with the students;
  • Manage student behaviour in a positive way;
  • Use songs, stories, art & craft, and games effectively;
  • Find good resources and materials and/or adapt the ones they have;
  • Set goals for professional and financial growth.

Oxford TEFL Certification

All participants who complete the 30 hours of training will receive a certificate from Oxford TEFL. The certificate will include an outline of course and number of training hours completed. This will allow your current or future employers to know that you dedicated yourself to a worthwhile training program.

Participar do curso foi uma experiência maravilhosa! Poder dividir conhecimento, aprender e transmitir o que sabemos é algo engrandecedor! O carinho e atenção que a Claire tem conosco, durante e após o curso, nos fortalece e encoraja a continuar a nos desenvolver tanto profissional quanto pessoalmente! Thank you, Claire!

Débora Meira

Poder evoluir tanto profissionalmente quanto como pessoa é gratificante, ainda mais com uma pessoa tão inspiradora quanto a Claire. Tenho aprendido a riqueza dos pequenos detalhes, o valor da autorreflexão e a importância de tudo e todos que configuram na aprendizagem. Estou aprendendo conceitos que não usarei apenas na sala de aula, mas sim na vida e sei que ao terminar o curso serei um ser humano muito melhor daquele que sou hoje.

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This can be paid in cash, check, bank transfer or by credit card in up to 6 installments of R$187,50.  (R$1125 for the 30 hours).

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