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Our mission is to transform the way English is taught to children. We only believe this is possible because we know we are not alone. There are teachers like you out there who are also eager to create, contribute and connect. The Active English Inner Circle is a community where young learner English teachers can come together, but it is certainly more than just taking a course and joining a group. We believe that when it comes to thriving in a community, you only get back what you put in.

By being part of the Active English Inner Circle community you will experience so much professional growth and fulfillment.

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Joining the Inner Circle will help you…

…find your community! The Inner Circle is a group of dedicated young learner teachers who support each other

….understand yourself as a teacher. You will have the opportunity to reflect and learn about the teacher you are, and want to become.

…develop your skills. Through our courses, webinars, resources and community, you will improve your knowledge and skills and become a better teacher.