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A language program will only ever be as successful as the people there to implement it.  Congratulations on making the decision to invest in your team.

Active English provides training that is tailor-made to meet the needs of your staff and school. Take a look at our most popular courses for schools and let us know how we can put together the complete programme that will prepare your team with the essential skills that every young learner teacher needs.

These sessions will provide:

1. the theories and concepts that inform our teaching practice
2. plenty of practical examples and demonstrations of strategies and techniques
3. online follow-up with teachers for troubleshooting and feedback

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Positive Classroom Management Practices For Primary

The Art

Play Based
Learning and
Lesson Planning

Effective classroom management is an essential skill for a Young Learner teacher and it’s one that you can and must develop.

Self Care for
the Young
Learner Teacher

Creating Partnerships with Parents and Caregivers

Success Online

Most of us have begun to feel the physical and emotional stress of the current situation and this is a topic that we urgently need to address. This webinar draws attention to the importance of preparing yourself physically, emotionally and practically for the challenges of remote teaching. Specifically, we’ll be talking about what “self-care” is and why it’s so important for educators. There are also some very practical tips for staying healthy, organized and productive so you can give your best to your students.

We have long known that parental engagement is directly linked to student achievement and with the recent shift to online classes, building a strong partnership with parents and caregivers has become more important than ever. In this unit, we’ll be exploring this idea of “school community” and looking at a range of ways to enrich communication with families, involve them and ultimately engage them as partners in this remote learning process.

In this webinar, you will be taken through the steps for planning and delivering engaging and effective synchronous lessons for 6-8 year old learners. This practical session will look at the advantages and challenges, guiding principles and provide plenty of ideas to engage and motivate children online.


Key Elements for Effective Online Classroom Management

Creative Ideas for Engaging Young
Learners Online

In this webinar, you will be taken through the steps for planning your lesson…now in an online format. As you will see, there are many things you can draw on from your regular teaching practice and adapt for this new scenario. This practical session will have plenty of examples of meaningful learning goals for both synchronous and asynchronous lessons. By the end you should be able to choose the content that you will be covering in a series of lessons and establish the pedagogical goals you aim to achieve in each individual class.

With the move to online classes, young learner teachers are facing a whole range of classroom management problems that they have never had before. New strategies are needed to prevent and deal with indiscipline in the online classroom. This webinar provides some pedagogically sound ideas that have been tried and tested.

It has become increasingly difficult to keep students motivated and excited about online classes. Both teachers and students alike are tired of being in front of the screen. In this webinar we will be sharing some creative, holistic and pedagogically sound ideas from engaging young learners in online lessons.

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