Collaborative Lesson Planning

Hello Young Learner teachers, Coordinators and Materials Writers!

Everyone knows that if you don’t plan a good lesson…

  • Students won’t engage.
  • They become distracted and disruptive.
  • Teaching becomes difficult.
  • Stress levels rise

Get the support you need to 
face the challenges of teaching children in 2021!

Claire Venables will be running live online sessions to help you prepare effective lessons based on your real learners and current teaching context.

Course aims

Our aim is to have you finish the week feeling confident that you know how to plan effective lessons that engage, motivate and create a positive learning environment.   

Most importantly, this course is about creating a community of teachers who will support each other, learn together and become better at planning and delivering the kind of lessons that children love.

Course content

  • Structure your lessons better;
  • Design meaningful learning outcomes;
  • Discover new classroom activities for hybrid and socially-distanced learning;
  • Get feedback from me on one of your lesson plans;
  • Access to the recordings of all sessions;
  • Contribute to an e-book of lessons that will be shared with teachers around the world!
  • Receive a certificate of participation.

That’s an incredible amount of content and an amazing community of colleagues that will help you feel confident planning and teaching lessons for Young Learners.

Would you like to join us?  We start on the 26th April.

Only 15 spots
in each group

The course is valued at R$397
(5 x 85,43)

As a bonus, you will be given free access to our course “My Lesson Planning Playlist”.  This is a 100% online, asynchronous course worth R$127!  

6 webinars with valuable input that will prepare you for the live sessions of collaborative lesson planning with Claire and your group.

LESSON 1 – My Lesson Framework

If you’re looking for a place to start with your young learner lesson planning, I think you will find this is an easy to follow framework.

LESSON 2 – Lesson Planning from the Heart

Learners don’t engage when the lesson objectives don’t match their interests or needs. In this session, I’m going to invite you to re-think the way you go about planning your lessons to make them more fun and motivating for the learners.

LESSON 3 – Establishing and Adapting the Routine

Learn why and how these are essential in your lesson plan and the steps to take to introduce and adapt them for your learners.

LESSON 4 – Practical Examples of Routines

I’m sharing some of my most successful routines that you can use in the online classroom to improve the flow of your lessons.

LESSON 5 – Settlers, Stirrers and Brain Breaks

To optimize learning in your lesson you need to plan a balance of activities that include moments of focus and concentration followed by breaks that allow learners to process the new content.

LESSON 6 – Attention Getters and Transitions

The biggest challenge with using any fun, noisy, movement activities is bringing their attention back to you. Every effective teacher has a repertoire of strategies for this. You can start building up yours with this video.

This course is guaranteed to be available for a minimum of four months after your purchase.

Meet Claire:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Claire Venables and I’ve been involved in English Language teaching since 2001. During this time, I’ve trained many many young learner teachers from different parts of the world and I’ve listened to their struggles, their fears, and their goals.

I feel that I can really relate to what these teachers are going through because I have been there myself. I know that teaching children can be challenging but with support and training it can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. 

My mission is to transform the way English is taught to children in Brazil. To do that I am building a community of teachers like you and offering meaningful training that helps them find professional and financial fulfillment in their careers.


Murilo Solano Dias

At the beginning of the pandemic, I remember being very insecure about how to plan remote classes, both synchronous and asynchronous. The most frustrating thing was having the pedagogical knowledge of active methodologies and not being able to transfer that knowledge to this new context!  It is at this point that I must express my gratitude for Claire’s work. After meeting with her for several days for collaborative planning, I felt much more confident and capable to design and deliver classes that were effective at maximising student participation. The best thing was learning to put the pedagogical theory I was familiar with into practice!

Roberta de Oliveira Lopes

An amazing path to success!

That’s how I describe our meetings on lesson planning with Claire!

Never had I thought that at this point in my career I would learn so much! And working on the whys and the hows would lead to such an enriched and more effective lesson practice!

It was a real turning point in the process of writing lesson plans and I’m very grateful!

Paula Xavier Fagundes

I have had the amazing chance to get help from Claire with my lesson planning and reflect on how important it is for my young learners to feel that everything is connected. She helps me, from beginning to end, to connect my lessons to my students’ lives and see how my classes are going to start, develop and finish. It has been one of the best experiences of my life to be able to learn with and from her.  I’ve discovered how easy lesson planning can be and that we can have fun doing it.