My Lesson Planning Playlist

Hello YL teachers!

Everyone knows that if you don’t plan a good lesson…

– Students won’t engage.

– They become distracted and disruptive.

– Teaching becomes difficult.

– Stress levels rise.

You can very quickly find yourself losing motivation and struggling to enjoy teaching the way you should. Lesson planning is an essential skill for any Young Learner teacher and it is one that you can and must develop. To help teachers with this, I have created a series of video classes that cover some of the key aspects of the lesson planning process.


You get:

– 6 video classes from Claire (that you can watch at anytime from anywhere)

– References and further reading on each topic

– Support materials to download


Webinar on Self-Care for the Young Learner Teacher: This webinar draws attention to the importance of preparing yourself physically, emotionally and practically for the challenges of remote teaching.


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Course Content

The Playlist

LESSON 1 – My Lesson Framework

If you’re looking for a place to start with your young learner lesson planning, I think you will find this is an easy to follow framework.

LESSON 2 – Lesson Planning from the Heart

Learners don’t engage when the lesson objectives don’t match their interests or needs. In this session, I’m going to invite you to re-think the way you go about planning your lessons to make them more fun and motivating for the learners.

LESSON 3 – Establishing and Adapting the Routine

Learn why and how these are essential in your lesson plan and the steps to take to introduce and adapt them for your learners.

LESSON 4 – Practical Examples of Routines

I’m sharing some of my most successful routines that you can use in the online classroom to improve the flow of your lessons.

LESSON 5 – Settlers, Stirrers and Brain Breaks

To optimize learning in your lesson you need to plan a balance of activities that include moments of focus and concentration followed by breaks that allow learners to process the new content.

LESSON 6 – Attention Getters and Transitions

The biggest challenge with using any fun, noisy, movement activities is bringing their attention back to you. Every effective teacher has a repertoire of strategies for this. You can start building up yours with this video.

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Your Tutor: Claire Venables has a wide range of experience as a teacher, teacher-trainer and Director of Studies. However, her true passion is teaching English to pre-primary learners. Since moving to Brazil in 2011, she has been involved in the creation and implementation of language programs, training courses for teachers, materials writing and she is the Director of Active English.


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