Recovering Fun & Friendship

Start date: Monday 29th November


If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that a shift in mindset and pedagogy is urgently needed. I really mean that. Things need to change, especially in the way we teach language to children.

After over a year of being isolated and having their routine, friendships and learning disrupted due to COVID19, it has never been more important to think about how we, as educators, can build a healthy classroom environment which supports the emotional well-being and the learning process as children return to the physical classroom.

That is why we are re-launching a new version of one of our most popular courses.

Recovering Fun and Friendship in the Young Learner Classroom, aims to provide educators like you with plenty of practical ideas for:

  • Developing a healthy classroom environment which supports the learning process; 
  • Increasing motivation, confidence, interest, and autonomy among your students;  
  • Using group formation to make your classroom a place where a sense of belonging, fun and friendship are at the forefront of your teaching.

We’re all facing the same challenges…

“It doesn’t matter what I plan, my students aren’t participating.”

“They don’t work well in groups.”

“Why are they all so tired?!”

“I have many students who just don’t care about their own learning anymore.”

“These kids lack responsibility and the parents think it’s my fault.”

“Parents complain about everything.”

When not dealt with effectively, these problems can all lead to serious consequences for the teaching and learning process. However, what these situations have in common is that they would all improve if priority was given to building healthy relationships between the teacher, the students and families. 

Here’s the solution:

In this course, we’ll be taking a look at some typical situations that you, as a teacher, most likely have to deal with or will in the near future. 

I’d then like to introduce key concepts for group formation and relationship building, highlighting its role in developing a classroom environment which will support students’ emotional well-being and academic recovery in the post-pandemic classroom.

Finally, we will share practical strategies that you will be asked to try out so as to analyse their characteristics, results and applicability to your teaching context. 

BONUS – LIVE meeting with your tutor, Claire Venables, who will help you integrate group formation activities into your teaching practice immediately!

Course Content

Flexible and realistic for the busy teacher

  • Highly-practical online course 
  • Self-access video and reading material that you can work through at your own pace.
  • Can be completed in up to 5 hours.

Highly practical content

  • Grounded in theory 
  • Immediately applicable to your teaching practice.

Certificate of Participation

  • Optional reflection tasks that encourage you to apply what you are learning in a practical way
  • Complete the tasks to receive a certificate at the end of the course.


Diana Bellardi Martins
Claire is a loving and dedicated mentor who guides you to think deeply about what your lessons should offer to learners and how you can work to make it happen. Always challenging you to walk the extra mile, Claire helps you in the lesson planning process to make the best of each and every learning opportunity children can experience during your lessons.

Fabiana Muliterno
I have met Claire in one of the Braz Tesol conferences. By then, I hadn’t engaged much in development in the YL world, although I had been teaching this age range for quite some time. But it was through her talk that I saw the amazing possibilities I could do as a YL teacher. I believe she has one characteristic that’s essential for the teacher trainer: absolute passion for what she does and the public she reaches.

Taiane Ferretto
Claire is a wonderful teacher who has inspired me! Her ideas and the way she teaches us plan our lessons are amazing and it really make us plan with our heart. Our lessons are warmer and better well planned! I love Claire!

Derick Coriolano (on Effective Lesson Planning Pre-Primary)
O trabalho que Claire faz é transformador. Através de muita escuta e colaboração, pude mudar paradigmas sobre o modo como uma aula deveria acontecer e como eu deveria ser, enquanto professor. Ela tem um olhar crítico convidativo à mudança e melhorias de várias práticas educacionais e é realizador fazer parte disso.

Jhéssica Souza (on My Lesson Planning Playlist)
I felt could learn much more from Claire’s instagram than from those of my colleges. I have  never had an effective teachers’ training on how to apply different strategies to teach kids. After watching some of her lessons,  I started planing my own and implementing some of the  strategies I had learned and I must say they were of great help! I felt desparate when I found out I was going to have to teach four- year-old kids online on saturday for 2 hours, but furtunetly I had already bought this course and I was able to review and rehearse everything again and I loved that! Being a teacher is certainly a synonymous with being a student forever.

Gabriela Freire do Amaral
Through Claire I have rediscovered a hidden teaching potential I had in me. She turned my fear into glimpses of sparkles, and from then on, I could spread this knowledge with other human beings who crossed my path. To teach you have to love. And to love you have to receive love. Claire’s love for teaching reflects upon others. And I gotta say: I was a victim! haha

Your Tutor:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Claire Venables and I’ve been involved in English Language teaching for the past 18 years. During this time, I’ve trained many many young learner teachers from different parts of the world and I’ve listened to their struggles, their fears, and their goals.

I feel that I can really relate to what these teachers are going through because I have been there myself. I know that teaching children can be challenging but with support and training it can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. My mission is to transform the way English is taught to children in Brazil. To do that I am building a community of teachers like you and offering meaningful training that helps them find professional and financial fulfillment in their careers.


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